Lake Annecy is where to have a “life of leisure” says The Times

Lake Annecy is where to have a “life of leisure” says The Times

Would you live on the east or the west of lake Annecy? Read on to find out the difference and why Annecy has become a popular destination in its own right

Home Hunts has been recommending Annecy as a savvy location for property investment for many years now. Not only does it now attract tourists and lovers of the outdoors all year round, as it is less than an hour to Geneva, Annecy is popular with commuters too, so it is suitable for second-home and full-time owners, whose properties can bring in additional rental revenue.

Home Hunts was recently featured in The Times, which ran a piece focusing on Annecy and highlighted its evolution. “Once just a stopover on the way to ski resorts,” it reads, “this Alpine town has become a destination in its own right.”

All about Annecy

The largest city of in the Haute-Savoie department, Home Hunts noted in 2019’s Inside France – the company’s annual report on the French property market– that there has, once again, been an upturn in interest in the whole lake Annecy area.

Infrastructure development, including transport improvements and property investment, has brought a healthy boost to the property market. The new Black Bass hotel and Le Palace de Menthon – both five-star hotels – are helping to raise the city’s profile stresses the Times.

Summers are filled with holiday atmosphere, boating, water sports and shimmering views across the lake.

“Good international schools are also an attraction,” says The Times. “Along with the quality of life – sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, triathlon and golf.”

What used to the out-of-season months are now busily focused on entertaining winter sports enthusiasts due to its proximity to the increasingly popular ski resort La Clusaz. Old Annecy makes the perfect setting for hot chocolates in a cosy salon de thé and top-notch dinners. Speciality dishes, gourmet food, bold wine lists and excellent restaurants (including the Michelin-starred Augerge du Père Bise) are plentiful.

Where to buy in Annecy

In terms of where to buy, the eastern shore of the lake is the most desirable, and the most expensive, area. On this side of the lake you get the sunshine until much later on, and there is also far less traffic.

“This is where some of the most prestigious properties are located,” explains Tim Swannie, Director of Home Hunts, in Inside France. “Having said that, we have seen interest rising on the west too – because the weather is a little cooler there in summer, you get slightly better value for money and you get the views of the sun setting on the mountains.”

What you can get for your money

The price of prime property is lower on the west bank, but overall the market commands a high price as demand outstrips supply. “The most demand is between €1.7 million and €2.7 million,” Jeremy Horner, a Home Hunts consultant in the Annecy region, told The Times. “Under €1.5 million is a little tight for a villa in the most popular areas, but your money goes farther on the western side of the lake, where there’s also more choice of properties.”

Waterfront properties on the lake range start at €1.5 million on the west side and €3 million on the east.

The Times stated that Annecy town is best for those looking for apartments due to its “charming medieval quarter”.

A bargain with beautiful views

Home Hunts currently has a stunning three-bedroom apartment(HH-12801406) for sale in Sevrier on the west bank for €788,000, which was also featured in The Times. A modern build on the hillside, this spacious property offers unobstructed views of lake Annecy and the mountains. A wide balcony, which wraps around two sides of the apartment means there is ample space outside for enjoying the views and entertaining with the backdrop of this magical mountainscape.

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