Meet Our Partners: Fortier Finance

Meet Our Partners: Fortier Finance

Fortier Finance – European Mortgage Brokers

In the second edition of the “Meet our Partners” series, we’re introducing you to Fortier Finance and its founder Liam Wilkinson.

An established mortgage brokerage in Europe, with a specific emphasis on prime lending locations in France, the partnership brings Home Hunts’ international clients a comprehensive network of financial institutions and experience to support all financing requests.

Fortier Finance - Liam Wilkinson
Liam Wilkinson from Fortier Finance

A cracking conversion

After obtaining a Master’s degree in finance, Liam was approached to play rugby in the south of France with Stade Niçois (Nice Rugby). Enchanted by the charm of the Riviera, he established it as his permanent home and initiated the process of acquiring a property in the port of Nice. 

Encountering the challenges of securing a French mortgage and navigating the administrative processes with traditional French banks, he identified an unmet need in the market for international clients seeking mortgage solutions in France.

“Given the market uncertainties following Brexit in France, I ventured into mortgage brokering for international clients, making the most of my firsthand experience and feet on the ground,” explains Liam. 

“Fortier provides clear and accurate mortgage guidance supporting high-net-worth (HNW) borrowers and has an unrivalled network of domestic, challenger and private banks for every financing request.”

Sophisticated lending solutions

Liam can assist new and existing Home Hunts clients in the following ways: develop successful borrowing strategies, especially for buyers with entrepreneurial or more complex income needs; connect with local and international banks; and provide independent mortgage advice to existing homeowners considering another banking partner.

For prospective buyers, the purchasing journey typically starts before property viewings. Fortier’s involvement includes evaluating mortgage feasibility, setting realistic expectations for borrowers and ensuring an informed buying process for international clients.

“Often sellers request an ‘attestation de financement’ from a reputable and authorised mortgage brokerage in France,” says Liam. “This paperwork is important ahead of property visits due to the tightening of mortgages and increased barriers to entry for non-residents opting for finance. Meeting clients during the search process makes their buying experience smoother in the long run.”  

The key to your dream home

fortier finance

Working with Liam and his colleagues at Fortier Finance gives Home Hunts clients 100% visibility across all their French mortgage options right from the start. Experienced at avoiding pitfalls, Fortier also informs borrowers well in advance of lenders’ requirements through its mortgage guidance service.

Overall, the following mortgage options are accessible to luxury property buyers in France:

  • Interest only, suitable for HNW clients with a borrowing request above €1 million. 
  • Interest only and amortisation mortgage solutions, without any financial covenants.
  • Dry mortgages (property is collateral securing the loan), subject to clear repayment strategy.
  • Long-term fixed rates up to 25 years, dependent on borrower age.
  • Bridging and development finance via a French SPV (special purpose vehicle) only.
  • Sale and leaseback finance.

UK and US buyers should note that Buy-to-Let (BTL) schemes do not exist in France. The feasibility of the mortgage depends on the borrower’s ability to repay, not the potential rental income.

French and European property outlook for 2024

Anyone considering buying prime property in France or Europe should take advantage of 2024’s opportunities.

“European real estate should move towards a buyer’s market,” says Liam. “Europe has experienced over a decade of negative interest rates and since mid-2022 the sharp rise coupled with strict banking regulations in France slowed down banks’ lending. Currently, many sellers are more willing to negotiate with qualified buyers, so being prepared and ready will be a key part of sourcing and negotiating the best deals.”

If you would like to speak to a Home Hunts consultant about Fortier Finance, to discuss your property search or just to have a chat about the market, you can call us on +33 970 44 66 43 or send us a mail to

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