How does Home Hunts’ buyer’s agent service work?

How does Home Hunts’ buyer’s agent service work?

Buyer’s agent Service

Buying a property overseas is challenging, particularly if you don’t speak the language or understand the process, but by choosing Home Hunts’ buyer’s agent service we can do all the hard work for you

What are the most challenging aspects of buying a property in France?

When the Home Hunts team asks clients this question, among most common answers are: language difficulties; distrust over an estate agent’s advice; uncertainty over how the buying process works; and lack of knowledge about the French property market.

These issues, and many more, can result in a stressful experience during the searching, buying, and even the aftersales period of buying a property in France.

It can also affect negotiations and the final price buyers pay. This is partly due to the estate agent tending to act for the property owner or the vendor.

Unrivalled support for every area of difficulty

When clients first contact Home Hunts, only repeat clients, and those who came through recommendations, are aware that the team provides constant, first-class support in all these areas and more.

As a buyer’s agent each Home Hunts consultant acts solely on behalf of the client and remains dedicated to fulfilling their needs throughout the process.

“With us, you get one point of contact who lives and works in the area, speaks your language fluently and knows the local market intimately,” says Tim Swannie, Director of Home Hunts. “On top of that, as we’ve been working with all of the estate agents for around 15 years now, so we’ve built up a great network and unrivalled knowledge of the property market.”

Home Hunts - Buyer's agent

Tim Swannie and Francois-Xavier de Vial – Founders of Home Hunts

A buyer’s agent is the eyes and ears of the client

These relationships also mean a Home Hunts consultant is able to uncover more information about a property than the buyer could have done alone. The details are then discussed with the client and can inform the buying and negotiation strategies.

“How long a property has been for sale, the owner’s situation, how flexible prices really are, it’s our job to investigate the details that are important for our client,” explains Tim. “We become the eyes and ears for our clients and prefer to be totally honest and open about properties, outlining all the good and bad points, from noise to potential renovation problems.”

The buyer’s agent service attracts Brits despite Brexit

Although the number of British buyers dropped after the Brexit referendum from around 62% of clients, the number has increased over the last few years. In 2018 just over one-third of clients hailed from the UK and in 2019 more than 50% of buyers are Brits.

“Initially people panicked, but whilst enquiries from the UK have dropped, we have found that those enquiring are more serious about buying.”

Finding properties for clients, which meet their often-complex criteria, is where Home Hunts excels. Whether holiday apartment or family home, each buyer has a unique collection of needs and Home Hunts relishes the challenge of finding a perfect property match.

buyer's agent

A tailor-made search for every client

Understanding that clients’ time is precious, Home Hunts consultants search the entire market and then analyse every long-listed property first by carrying out an initial viewing by themselves. The property only makes the potential viewings shortlist if it fits the criteria.

Second stage property viewings are organised by Home Hunts and carried out with the client. Once a property is selected the team guide the client smoothly through the process to the end.

“In terms of the service we offer, it is constantly evolving because we tailor-make it for each client,” says Tim. “We pride ourselves on our high level of customer care, helping our clients before, during and after the sale. Everything from currency exchange, tax and finance through to renovations, rental and property management.”

Having been in business in France for around 15 years, Home Hunts has built up an impressive network of skilled specialists and experts. “We’ve made sure that we can offer each client the best possible advice at every step.”

Independent advice guaranteed

By searching for a property with Home Hunts, buyers can be sure that all advice is independent and based on the experiences of handling thousands of property deals.

“We have a high referral and repeat business rate and part of the reason for this is because our clients know we are open and honest all the way through,” says Tim.

“We really listen to what it is that is most important for our clients and make sure we find the best selection of properties. Our job is to find the perfect home for our clients and then to help them negotiate the most beneficial deal at the best price.”

Home Hunts are buyer’s agents, we are here to help you to find your dream property in France and guide you through the entire process. If you would like to speak to one of the team to discuss your needs or just to have a chat about the market, you can call us on +33 970 44 66 43 or send us a mail to If you just want to browse through thousands of beautiful French homes, visit our website at  keep up to date with our latest news at or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.