We searched through the best home decor expos, interior design magazines and publications to share to you some home inspirations in designing your house in style.

Summer is officially here! And for some of you looking for new inspirations in designing your home, this season can be the best time to finally do a renovation or home staging. Either you get to spend your time off going to the beach with the crowds or getting some rest for a couple of days at your home and finally ticking off that box in your checklist in changing the look of your pool bar, summer terrace or living room and surprise your guests and family members visiting!

Here are some home design inspirations that we have gathered for you all to check out and consider applying to spaces in your house that may need some upgrading to get more cool positive vibes during the summer season.

Liven up any Room with Tropical Prints and Colorful Wallpaper

When Milan Design Week happened last April at the chic Brera district, we were amazed to see some innovative wallpaper prints and one of the lovely discoveries for us was the wallpaper collection of Devon & Devon for summer 2017 featuring wonderful images of bananas, pineapples and tropical flowers that would instantly transport you to paradise.

Hollywood bathtub, Botanica Grey wallpaper by Vito Nesta, Coventry Bath and shower mixer. Photo courtesy of Devon & Devon 2017 Collection Press Kit

Transform your walls in an instant by adding some color and tropical prints to make any space pop up in the room. A boring white-washed bathroom can easily become one of the highlights in your home by complimenting different basic elements like your bath tub with a stunning tropical wallpaper backdrop.

Outdoor Furnishing with Rattan and Bamboo

Some of the most ecological and sustainable materials used in outdoor furniture include rattan and bamboo and with its high flexibility, innovative modular designs and shapes can be formed into chairs and tables that would be perfect for any outdoor setting.

Photo Courtesy of Ito Kish from the Binhi Collection

Enter Ito Kish, one of the top interior design experts hailing from the Philippines who has won many awards with his stunning rattan collection called Binhi. Inspired from a seedling, it is ideal for your patio or garden, looking aesthetically pleasing at the same time functioning perfectly as a chair or a design piece that will wow everyone visiting your place for a summer apero or barbecue party.

Get some Hygge in your Living Room

What is Hygge? It is a Scandinavian concept relating to coziness and surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good, like friends and family as well as decorating your place with things that are light, comfortable and appealing. We all know how hot Nordic design is for every season and its minimalist codes applied to the living room during summer works well in building up that Hygge that is essential for you to have a cool and relaxing time in your own place during hot summer days.

This villa in Cap d’Antibes gets some of the Hygge with a simple vase of flowers blooming in season, a pop of green, subtle pink and purple colors from its throw pillows and a dose of summer cheers from family visiting during the holidays. Contact us for more information.

Try incorporating these different elements in your living room: brighten the space by letting more light in with transparent blinds or soft fabric curtains, fresh flowers, a great selection of coffee table books and inspiring paintings or pictures of family and friends either laid out on the side table or posted on your walls. You’ll get that Hygge in no time this summer!

Paint it White

If you are tired of seeing the same old commode table in its brown, grey or dark shade, maybe it’s time to turn things around and cover some of your key pieces in your office or dining room in white! Yes, a simple coat of white or different shades and Pantones from this most neutral of colors will uplift any room and make it more in tune with the light and breezy season that is summer.

A modern luxurious home in Cannes with its interiors all in white. Priced at 10,000,000 – click photo for more information.

Either painting some of your furniture or wall in white or incorporating some light marble table tops on sofa tables or various surfaces in one of your home spaces would look ultra-luxurious, it all depends on your home design budget of course!

Teak Up your Pool Area

Grass is seen surrounding pools in many homes and it may not always be that practical with all the water wasted from tending to all the green grass that needs a lot of maintenance. You would not want to get more problems from all the added work for your pool and garden during summer so why not try out teaking-out your pool platforms and enjoy an upgrade to the look of your outdoor space!

This prime property from Saint Tropez has a magnificent swimming pool with teak decking its pool house. Price can be provided upon request

Teak is expensive but it is one of the best wood materials in the world, guaranteed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance as it resists insects and harmful weather changes that may cause changes in many wood appearances. A plus is the luxurious look and feel of walking on teak panels beside your pool without any worry that you would stumble over and injure yourself compared to the usual stone and ceramic tiles which can easily crack as well. Go for teak and you will never look back.

Get in a Playful Mode

What’s not to love about key décor pieces from Oslo-based designer Kristine Five Melvaer? Get some cool conversation pieces from Melvaer’s collection and fill those empty corners and desks in your home. From a quirky lampshade to some uniquely designed vases, a totally new look can be achieved by playing around and adding color and shapes in your home.

Liv Vases designed by Kristine Five Melvaer. Photo courtesy of Kristine Five Melvaer Press Kit

Whatever you aim for in the look for your home this summer, the objective is to truly feel good and live comfortably in your own living space. Do you have some home design recommendations? Share them to us, we would be glad to hear your ideas!

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