Photo submission is now over…it’s now time to vote for your favorite photo entry submitted by our top talented contestants! Here are the images submitted to the contest for you to marvel and choose from…

It has been an amazing journey so far, some extremely talented photographers and Instagrammers from around the world have brought us to wonderful destinations which include France, Spain, United States, Italy, Greece and Amsterdam through their captivating photo entries submitted in our HHPHOTOS Contest which had a very good run for a month in getting a lot of participants to celebrate the start of Spring.

Images of beautiful blooms, inspiring ocean views, breath taking seascapes and wonderful sunrise and sunsets were shared to all through the official Instagram account of Home Hunts at to the delight of all our beloved followers who took time to marvel at the pictures and like their respective favorites

A picture is worth a thousand words and we dedicate this feature article to the Top 9 Contestants that has participated in the contest, showcasing their amazing talent in capturing the best moments this Spring 2017.

Here is the roll call for the 8 contestants from Instagram who are officially in our HHPHOTOS Competition, to vote for any of the images, please click on them to view them in the Facebook album, please then like or comment on your favourite photos. The photo with the most likes and comments by Friday 28th April will win the Magnum of Champagne – Feel free to share with others!

Contestant 1 Flegmaya from Amsterdam

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Contestant 2: chapman_nico from France

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Another great contender is chapman_nico hailing from the South-West region of France, who brought us to another level of Zen and a peaceful state of mind with his beautiful photos capturing his moments spent in San Sebastian, Spain and in Labenne in the Aquitaine region. Here are his photo entries

Contestant 3: sl_luberonphotography from France

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We are delighted to have Sandra Lambert, a brilliant freelance photographer capturing daily scenes in Luberon and Provence join our contest! You can see more of her projects at and below are her photo entries for our contest:

Contestant 4: guidi_davide from Italy

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Only one photo entry from the talented guidi_davide from Italy but still, he garnered a lot of likes and comments for his awesome shot from one of the best parts of his home in Italy. Below is his photo entry:

Contestant 5: ian. carmona.olivar  from Italy

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Simple moments of joy and happiness during spring time in Italy were shared by ian.carmona.olivar. We were glad to receive his photo entries which are all below:

Contestant 6:  from the United States

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All the way from the USA, we are glad to have participate in the contest and share all the beautiful moments of Spring in Seattle and Washington. Below are the photo entries:

Contestant 7: brookejean from the United States

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Another contestant from the USA is brookjean who has an amazing talent in capturing grey skies and making them inspiring to look at. Her cactus blooms photos were also a hit with many followers liking them! Here are her photo entries for the contest:

Contestant 8: moonlight_prinss from Greece

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Another contestant that made it to the contest came from moonlight_prinss from Greece who has brought us to her universe of magnificent moments captured through her lens. Here are her photo entries:

Contestant 9: pjphoto79 from France

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And the last contestant that made it to the contest is pjphoto79 from France who we are glad to welcome in the Top 9! You can view her projects at and below is her single photo entry for the contest!

There you go! The top 9 official Instagram contestants for our HHPHOTOS Contest. The polls are now open on our Facebook Page for all of you to like the photo of your choice and you can vote here and type in your comments below with the photo entry number listed below each of the photos!

The photo with the most likes and comments on our Facebook HHPHOTOS CONTEST Official Photo Entries Photo Album plus the likes on the photos on the Instagram will win the much coveted prize of a Magnum of Champagne on Friday the 28th of April 2017!

The grand winner will be announced here on DELUX, on Facebook and on our Instagram account.

Ready. Set…Vote for the best photo entry that inspires you to smile this Spring!